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1   Link   Tips to Homesteading
Simple web site with this person's thoughts and advice on living a "homesteading" lifestyle. Several categories to look at. A place to start your journey.
2   Link   Creative Homesteading
Looking for alternatives to the high cost of living and the low wages, seeking a healthier, safer, less chaotic, and a more independent lifestyle, then Creative Homesteading is your answer. Creative Homesteading offers you the tools and resources you need to live a more holistic, happier and naturally healthier life!
3   Link
Rural living and practice. Tons of articles on all aspects of living a simpler lifestyle. Listings for land and links to similar web sites.
4   Link   The Self-Sufficient Homestead
Surviving Civilization on the Homestead. An audio podcast hosted by Johnny Max and the Queen. Different web site. Download audio broadcasts and listen to them at your leisure. Lots of audios on how-to do things for yourself.
5   Link   Homesteading for Simple, Rural & Country Living
This is a homesteading site for those who enjoy rural living and simple living. Find tips on country decorating, country cooking, country crafts, making soap and cheese, growing vegetables, farming livestock and a whole lot more!
6   Link   Back To The Land Store
The Back to the Land Store offers a community-based, family-oriented approach to healing and feeding our natural surroundings. Our products welcome you to a new journey with a clear vision to get back to simplicity, back to nature, back to family, Back to the Land. Located just outside of Erin, Tennessee.
7   Link   Lehman's Catalog for simple living
Founded by Jay Lehman in 1955 to serve the local Amish and others without electricity, Lehman's ships old-fashioned, high-quality merchandise all over the world.
8   Link   Vermont Lanterns
We have been selling these lanterns for over a decade now. We started small, with the idea of bringing a product to the market that people preparing for the potential Y2K 'crisis' would be interested in, and much to our surprise every year since 1999 the business has steadily increased, so much so, that this is all we do now. Lanterns. Globes. Wicks. Related supplies.
9   Link   Countryside & Small Stock Journal
The magazine of modern homesteading. Great magazine if you are interested in living off the land with a simple lifestyle. Gardening tips. Lots of "how to" articles all written by the readers.
10   Link   Backwoods Home Magazine
Practical ideas for self-reliant living. How to do things yourself to live a more simple and less hectic lifestyle. Learn how to live off your own land to provide most of what you need.
11   Link   DeepRock Mfg. - Hydra-Drill
Information and equipment to drill your own water well on your property. They've been selling their Hydra-Drill for over 40 years.
12   Link   Smoking Meat Forum
Forum for people who like to smoke meat and other foods at home. Lots of people sharing their recipes, methods and advice. Broken down into separate categories along with discussions on bar-b-q sauces, rubs, marinades, grills, smokers and where to get supplies. Too many subjects to list.
13   Link   The Sausage Maker Inc.
The Sausage Maker is the world's source for meat processing and sausage making equipment for home use. Our company began over 30 years ago, and today we are proud to say that we are one of the top suppliers and manufacturers in the market. Also, dehydrators, bulk spices, crocks, scales, vacuum sealers, and lots of stuff. Download their great catalog (free) as a PDF file.
14   Link   Homesteader's Supply
New supplier of items to homestead and live off the land. Located in Chino Valley, Arizona.
15   Link   Sportsman's Table
The outdoor enthusiast's resource for preparing fish and game with style. Home butchering supplies, cooking supplies, seasonings, how-to books and DVD's, beef jerky. Lots of stuff.
16   Link   The Canning Pantry
We offer a large selection of canning supplies & equipment, pickling supplies, dehydrators, juicers, blenders and small electric appliances for the kitchen. Plus lots of others items too numerous to mention.
17   Link   CanningUSA
Free, on-line videos on how-to can various kinds of food. Also, a link to our canning supply store.
18   Link   Pressure Cooker Store
Lots more than just pressure cookers. All kinds of kitchen and food processing equipment and parts from a variety of manufacturers. Canning supplies also.
19   Link   One Stop Jerky Shop
Welcome to the “One STOP Jerky Shop”. The only stop needed for all your homemade beef jerky and sausage making supplies. Deer hunters will love our beef jerky seasoning and sausage seasoning. Breakfast sausage, salami, summer sausage, bratwurst, bologna and other great seasoning kits are available. Cure, casing and sausage binder used to make sausage or jerky are also available.
20   Link   Leeners
Specializing in fermented food craft supplies since 1996 and recognized by the Wall Street Journal for the "Best overall cheese making kit in America." Plus, supplies and equipment for making jerky, ice creams, yogurts, candy, soda pop, cured meats and lots of do-it-yourself food and beverage making kits.
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